Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Girl Private Part Waxing Video Girls..?do U Shave Or Trim Or Wax Ur Private Part??

Girls..?do u shave or trim or wax ur private part?? - girl private part waxing video

Since its sensitive security is not recommended? wat a wud do?


RebelChi... said...

I shaved, but makes the skin very red and sore all over (almost all suffer after shaving), so that now cut off. I recommend waxing have, I never had, but many people like the best, and it is safe to stay + long hair

skirtie said...

My skin is very sensitive way. I shave down there. I was a bit like a case of unequal shaving rash is formed. I have tried this product called bikini zone, and clears well. So what finally here. I recommend the bikini area.

Dolphin Babe said...

I shave my bikini line. Now the rest is let by a hand trimmer to cut the remaining hair. LOL Just make sure that the hair does not get stuck inside .. becuz it wouldnt be good.

Man some of the questions asked by PPL. LOLOLOLOLOL


Its..mee again said...

I know they are more than n man who really cares ;-)

thissam said...

My Bf private shaved my vagina, anus, part of the breast with pleasure and lick my nipples and drink more milk and vaginal secretions

shin said...

You can use a shop in the Orchard limits, try to I can not remember the name of the shop ...

You can do some design, as heart-shaped:)

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